Hello there!

I'm Alisa (she/her), a comic artist and illustrator currently living in Finland/Tampere.

I went to Aimokoulu Hämeenlinna (art school for children and youth) for 17 years and studied wide range of arts in upper secondary school. Art has always been my biggest passion and I'm always doing my best to grow and come up with new projects.

I make a lot of traditional art, especially with water colors, inks, markers and oil paints. I enjoy

digital art as well and my program of choice is Clip Studio.

My works usually consist themes such as nature, sexuality and relationships. I observe the themes from a queer feminist point of view, colorfully with a child like wonder. It's important that everyone could express themselves unapologetically without having to face fear and discrimination. With my art I want to make people feel at least a bit safer and hopeful.

Illustrarions by Alisa Malin


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