Mindy's Love Boutique is a series about sex, sexuality and relationships. The story takes it's place in an erotic shop where Mindy and her employee Liz discuss various issues, from squirting and orgasms to communication and Asexuality.

Mindy's Love Boutique's goal, rather than being a sex education bible is to make the reader feel safe and valid and create discussion around queer inclusive sex education and sexual content.

Mindy's Love Boutiques first volume was self published as a zine in March 2019 and it has also gained readers on Instagram (@painting.by.a.lake)

8.9.2019 I spoke about Mindy's Love Boutique and comics as a tool for sex education in a panel "Queer inclusive sex education with comics" as a part of Zine Fest/Helsingin sarjakuvafestivaalit.

Mindy's Love Boutique's second volume came out in March 2020 and it included a bonus story of how Mindy hired Liz. 

In November 2020 a new digital version of Mindy's Love Boutique Launched on Patreon and a month later on Webtoon. The new version of Mindy's Love boutique focuses more on queer identities and sparking conversations between the characters over themes such as sex, sexuality and gender rather than lecturing the reader. The new version is more inclusive and continues the story from where it was left in the end of the second version.


ECO - The Green Zine was a collaborative art project between 14 artists in 2019. Each artist approached the topic of nature in a variety of ways, in forms of comics, paintings and illustrations. The project came in to being from frustration of how the acts of individual feels so little when all you hear around you is bad news, each worse than the previous, that's why all the proceeds of the ECO are going to charities to help oceans, forests and animals. 

Illustrarions by Alisa Malin


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